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Quartzite offers the look of marble while maintaining a longer lifespan and higher durability, even more so than granite. Unlike marble, there is no worry of staining. Unlike engineered quartz, it is a natural stone so it is warm, authentic and varied in appearance. Quartzite comes in a vast array of colors and patterns, so it’s a certainty that there is one just perfect for complimenting your kitchen or bathroom.

Here is but a fraction of the quartzite we offer. Look through our catalog and click on any that catch your eye. The image will enlarge and you can examine the beautiful colors and patterns in great detail. Please always feel free to view our collection at our showroom locations.


We offer backlit versions of some of our most popular Quartzite types. Quartzite counters already look fantastic, but with the addition of light, they transform into a work of art, providing a warm glow and natural colors that will calm any room.